Broadband For Health Program

Government Subsidised Broadband
An initiative of the Australian Government

Preferred Internet Provider to provide Qualified Service for the Broadband for Health Program

The Australian governments Broadband for Health Program initiative supports the use of broadband internet services by health organisation, in this instance GPs' and Aboriginal Health Services.
Subsidies are available to help meet the costs of professional installation and 12 months usage of the most economical and qualified service. Qualified services feature higher speeds and greater security than normal broadband.
Access to broadband will benefit both consumers and health care providers with improved and faster access to vital health care information. This access will improve communications between doctors and other health providers and will assist the rapid online delivery of results, referrals and requests such as pathology results and hospital discharge summaries.
Broadband can support activities such as: clinical messaging, HIC Online, online banking, clinical decision support, e-ordering/requests, secure email, Health Connect trials, online knowledge bases and secure online government transactions. Access to these services can help: streamline business activity, minimise travelling times, obtaining specialist opinions, improve communication and assist in professional development and education.
Doctors will be able to access online the latest medical information, send patients' Medicare claims to the Health Insurance Commission via HIC Online and conduct online banking. Access to broadband will also facilitate the implementation of the new national health information network - Health Connect.
Accredited general practices will have the chance to move to more advanced health broadband services. These will enable access to Virtual Private Networks, Voice over Internet Protocol (delivering free or cheaper phone calls), and video-conferencing.
'Eligible Practice' means a general practice, health service clinical practice or other entity or type of entity that the health program declares to be eligible to participate in the BFHP and has been issued a UIN. This does not include a place of residence (home).
Please contact one of our Broadband for Health consultants for more information and assistance on Phone: 9488 7655 or email